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1.  Programmatic Advertising

Key Takeaways:

> Marketers invest heavily in programmatic across all channels. 32% of marketers spend over 50% of online 
advertising budgets on programmatic.

> Marketers think mobile first, despite persistent challenges. The percent of marketers retargeting on mobile jumped from 54% to 82% in 2015.

>  Attribution continues to be a hot topic. The number of marketers who have adopted an attribution model that tracks multiple customer touch points, rather than a single-click model, has nearly doubled from 24% in 2014 to 40% in 2015.

What channels are programmatic marketers looking to expand to next? How do traditional mediums like email, TV, and video come into play? Get the report to find out.

3.  Mobile Retargeting

State of the Industry 2016

4.  Email Marketing

Learn more about the following topics:

(img: http://www.forbes.com/sites/steveolenski/2015/09/18/the-current-state-of-programmatic-advertising/)

5.  Attribution

2.  Retargeting

Due to its prevalence, it's easy to lose track of how new the programmatic advertising industry is developing. And as with any new industry driven by a disruptive technology, things are changing quickly. 1,050 US marketers were surveyed across industries to uncover how businesses are adopting new marketing opportunities brought about by programmatic advertising.

6. Marketing to the customer lifecycle