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Get your own .ME and use the built-in tool kit to launch a site that brings all your online activities to one spot
Get your own .ME and use the built-in tool kit to launch a site that brings all your online activities to one spot
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Online Advertising and Target Marketing with Email
Online advertising with Email is by far the best way to target local markets.  Why?  Because your local market is asking you to email them.
Online advertising and target marketing with email means your customers want you to provide information about your product or service.  Target marketing with email is as essential as having a front door on your brick and mortar business.  Email is the doorway to your product or service.

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Online advertising for your brick and mortar business can gain a huge advantage with Google My Business View.  Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they're looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.  Online advertising Google My Business puts your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so that customers can find you, no matter what device they're using.

Online advertising with Google...need we say more?  Google controls roughly three-quarters of web search queries in the US and close to 90% worldwide. The online advertising dominance, along with the effectiveness of search ads, makes Google an attractive partner for ad companies. Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Google's online advertising is where to start.

When it comes to online advertising Bing and Yahoo make a powerful combination! iIntercept Media combines the power of two search engines, Bing and Yahoo for online advertising to help connect your business with millions of searchers and expand your audience.  All types of businesses find value and success with Bing Ads. Whether you’re focused on local calls and foot traffic, or want to drive traffic to your website from across the country or around the world, iIntercept Media builds the ad solutions for you.

Online advertising with YouTube is gaining more and more momentum. Online advertising with video ads are getting three times more clicks on average than other digital ad formats, including mobile, display, and rich media ads. That performance is attracting advertisers to digital video, and helps to explain why it is growing faster than most other ad formats.

Online advertising works!  iIntercept Media understands online advertising on Facebook and Twitter works because of social networking connections and the ability to target specific markets. The numbers speak clearly: More and more businesses are starting to advertise online with Facebook and Twitter. Businesses are constantly spending more money, moving their budgets away from traditional advertising channels, and increasing their online advertising and social spending. Why is this growth happening? It’s simple: Online advertising on Facebook and Twitter works!

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Online advertising and local target marketing for small business in Phoenix with Google AdWords is efficient and effective.

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  • How do I target my local market with online advertising?
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  • How do I use online advertising to advertise my products or services?
  • How do I advertise online?



Trusted Photographers and Trusted Agencies are trained and certified by Google 

- Provide Online Advertising
​- Target Local Markets
​- Generate customers and better branding
- Advertise and Market Locally and Globally
​- Build Partnerships
- Advertise and Market only to your specific customers
- Use Google AdWords Efficiently and Effectively

Online Advertising and Targeting Marketing via Social Media

Online advertising and Target marketing for local businesses via social media is extremely important.  Learning to target your market and advertising correctly is crucial. We actually ADVERTISE your company to your exact target audience across the entire network of over 800 million users!  You tell us who you want us to target and we make sure your target market sees your ad.  It's that simple.

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We guarantee effective online advertising and comprehensive local target marketing strategies for your business.

Online advertising and local target marketing can be a challenge, however, we pride ourselves in helping businesses - large or small, grow in today's economy by implementing forward-thinking ideas. Targeting your local market takes time, research and analysis and it is even harder today because the advertising and marketing platforms have changed.  We provide strategic local target marketing solutions for local businesses.  Major platforms we target; Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing. 

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