What are Mall ZOOmers?

*ZOOmers depicted are just a few of the ZOOmer minis.  Additional ZOOmer animals can be purchased.  Contact ZOOmers for details.  These are not direct from China products.  Direct from China products are comprised of poor materials and carry no warranty.

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ZOOmers provide the safe convenience of a scooter combined with the fun of a carnival ride, and is perfect for ages 2 to 90. The ZOOmers business model has a low overhead and high return on investment. We will show you how to use our trademarked name, our products, and resources to operate in mall locations, fairs, festivals, private parties, farmers markets and more.

The Mall ZOOmers business model is not a franchise and the licensee (YOU), pay no royalty fees to the licensor (ZOOmers). Your investment secures the following:

The licensee investment allows you to use the ZOOmers name and run your own location as a turnkey business.  The licensee (YOU) is responsible for your business license, insurance (which we help facilitate), internet service, monthly location rent, and general business expenditures like taxes and payroll. With your licensee agreement we give you the marketing material and resources needed to secure a location. The ZOOmers business is very rewarding and provides the enjoyment of working with children and families. This business truly puts a smile on everyone’s face. Mall ZOOmers business startup packages are affordable. Mall ZOOmers electric riding animal licensee business packages is a true entrepreneurial business.

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ZOOmer animals (Number of animals is based on licensee package)
* iPad base point of sale system
* Signage and Display materials
* HD Television to run pictures
* Corral to contain the animals
* Digital waiver & system setup
* Custom ZOOmers Website
* Training prior to opening and support services for the life of the business
* Insurance resources, Business license resource, Payroll and tax resources
* Advertising and marketing material and marketing to secure a location. 

Mall Zoomers electric riding animals

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