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6. Social Media; The online watercooler. Working with clients I have come across businesses who believe it is too late to create a social media presence. This is a huge misconception.  Start now is better than never starting.  Once you start a social media presence the rest is a cake walk. View your social media presence as creating friendships and not a faction of business.  You will find it exhilarating that you receive another like or follow.  Social Media will be a new toy for you and you should have fun with it and let it be one of your most favorite toys in the whole world.

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1. Social Media Increases Traffic or Leads to your website
Social Media is a surefire way to increase your SEO.  Google is going to index the links your share on social media to your website.  Remember, Google loves popular websites so a social media link to your website, combined with a lot of shares, can increase popularity so make sure you create quality posts and link those posts to your website.

A report by Social Media Examiner, explains that spending six hours a week on your social media posts showed a lead generation increases to over 66% of social media and Internet marketers.  Why does this work? Because nothing provides a target audience without the high cost of SEO or ads like social media site connections.  Target your audience; create awesome articles which provide substance and share.  Viola!

7. Social Media Boosts Morale Across Your Entire Company. Social media is a huge company morale booster.  It’s awesome to see a company you work for on social media especially if others like viewing your company on social media as well. Positive social media compels employees to share with their friends and family and then, “bingo” your social media presence is growing by leaps and bounds.

Well, there you have it.  8 quick reasons why Social Media is importance for business.  Managing your social media presence can be a very overwhelming task and it can sometime interfere with your overall business goals and objectives.  You just read how important social media is for your business the next step is to make sure you find the right tools and company to run your social media for you so you can concentrate on running your business without skipping a beat.

Social Media Management Plus is the perfect and most affordable Social Media Management company on the market today.  The monthly services starting at only $55 a month is hands down the most cost effective program available.  Connecting with Social Media Management Plus as soon as possible to get your social media presence up and running right away should be your next step.

8. Social Media CompetitionSo are you convince that social media is important for business? If you have not had it revealed to you yet on the importance of social media maybe this will help. Think of your competitors, now think, “Are my competitors on social media?” Remember, your audience is using social media to find out about you and information about your company.  If they can’t find you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media networks, you can be they find your competition.  Don’t let the adage, “You snooze, you lose”, ring true for you. 


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8 important factors of social media for business.

2. Social Media connections love Fresh, Relevant Content .  Okay so you have a decent group of followers.  Now that you do, keep your posts fresh, engaging, practical and most of all find the perfect balance between informative instead of invasive or your followers will fall away one by one.  Don’t let your posts become stale, and don’t turn your posts into, “buy my stuff”, because social media is about social connections not selling to the masses.

4. Social Media helps you build your brand. Business branding is very important.  People love selecting a brand and are loyal to brands they choose because of their reasons not yours.  Your audience is dynamic. It is imperative you understand your audience. Your audience is constantly evolving, and your brand needs to keep up and evolve as well. Creating branded social media experiences increases your audiences brand awareness which increases your audience loyalty. Great impressions build strong brands, bad impressions can destroy what you have built and your business can be dead before it even had a chance to live.

Social Media for business can be a little overwhelming.  There are a lot of businesses and people who may believe social media does not help or make any impact on business at all.  Well, if you believe social media does not impact business we are going to provide a list of

8 important factors of social media for business.

Social MEdia for business

5. Social Media: Qualitative Market Research.  If you really want to know what people think of your brand…get on social media.  Nothing reveals more about your brand than Qualitative research because QR is about your brand through the eyes of your customers not your marketing team.

QR is about attitudes and feelings and there is no better place for QR than social media. QR is not concerned with numbers and sales it focuses on perceptions and overall personal feelings.  Understanding the quality of your service or product and how your social media receives it can help you develop the most applicable social media strategy.​

3. Social Media provides engaging conversation. Remember, even if you are not on your social media sites plugging away, your customers are. More than likely there is a least one conversation about you or your business and it’s important for you to be a part of the conversation to increase engagement and loyalty.  Contributing comments, answers and even providing questions reveals to your followers that you are a real person working on establishing and securing relationships and not just pushing a business name.  By engaging with people reveals you are transparent. You want to talk with people not at them and they will appreciate and welcome your connection.