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5. Sales and Marketing
If your organization has implemented the previous four skills then this one is a no-brainer.  Sales and marketing are what create the revenue which allows entrepreneurs to compensate all loyal members of their business.  Proper marketing can drive customers in to your business, sales are going to pay the bills, customer focus is going to keep them coming back and carrying about your customer satisfaction will procure excellent reviews and drive more customers via word-of-mouth.  It is no wonder why most entrepreneurs actually come from a sales background!

Well, there you have it, an essential but quick short recipe for developing a successful entrepreneurial venture.  What does your recipe have in it?  Please like, comment and share this article and thank you for allowing us to continue to grow.

4. Customer Focus
Customer focus is one of a favorite…People do not just buy what you sell…people buy why you sell it.  Successful entrepreneurs focus on customer satisfaction because they understand the customer pays the bills. Great entrepreneurs remind themselves daily to be grateful their customers believe in their products and services and never forget it is the customer which allows the business to grow in the first place.  A great business owner will have time for their customer whether it is a complaint or praise.  Customer focus will compel your business to view every customer as an opportunity to do better and grow, versus an annoyance or a difficulty.

3. Interpersonal Communication Skills and Interdependence
Interpersonal communication skills are a business cultivating necessity.

Communication of overall goals of your business venture to the loyal members of your company can be penetrating and addictive because of your passion and belief in your company mission. Instilling in those dedicated to your company’s direction that Interdependence is the skill of understanding one can do it alone, however one doesn’t have to and each member is an integral part of the overall company mission. This methodology will compel every faction of your business to excel in their departments because your loyal members understand and feel important to the company.  Providing an overall customer centric attitude will support the company goals and not give loyal members of your business the belief they are just a tool or an expendable seat warmer.

2. Planning and Implementation

Where curiosity if the spark planning and implementation is the fuel.  Establishing realistic milestones to measure progress can only be done by developing a plan and implementing your plan and staying focused on the overall goal.  Planning and implementation risk factors, benefits and liabilities, costs and options. Planning and implementation must follow a realistic timeline and budget for any venture to come to fruition.

1. Natural curiosity

A healthy natural curiosity is limited only by your imagination, inspiration, innovation and an understanding of how all three lead to developing necessary changes to current products or services.  Curiosity leads to the development of new and innovative products and services which meet the current customer’s needs and wants. With a natural curiosity, just about anything is possible.

Operating your own business venture means more than just having to understand one aspect of business. Operating your own business means understanding your businesses marketing strategy, your sales strategy, and strengthening your personal and communications skills.  It is imperative to possess the understanding of the art of courting sales and aligning your strategic operations. More importantly, you are also going to require a strong focused mission and vision to maintain the alignment of your entrepreneurial ventures so they stay balanced and continue to grow.
Successful entrepreneurs are not developed because they partook in a particular course for a particular degree.  Successful entrepreneurs are successful because of their attitudes and their understanding several key skills.  There are many skills entrepreneurs possess, however the following skills seem to be shared by more successful entrepreneurs Though there are many business skills a successful entrepreneur possesses, the following five skills are personality based traits which contribute to the true success of an entrepreneur. 

5 Must Have Skills for Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures 

Jim is the founder and CEO of BrightEdge, the leading enterprise SEO Platform. He combines in-depth expertise in developing and marketing large on-demand software platforms with hands-on experience in advanced SEO practices. Prior to founding BrightEdge, Jim was at Salesforce.com where he led a core part of the platform products team that delivered the industry's first cloud computing platform.

Technical Skills
CertificationsProficiency in new technologiesAbility to troubleshoot problemsTechnical WritingProblem Solving

Technical skills can be very valuable for marketers. If you have an understanding of coding, for example, you can make basic changes to your sites without having to involve the IT department. You will also have the tools you need to push your creativity to the limit since you will have greater insight into what the web is capable of producing.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills
MentoringSelf ConfidenceMentoring
Decision MakingNetwork BuildingGroup work
DelegationEffective CommunicationDecision Making
Motivating Others


Interpersonal and communication skills will help you work more productively with those in other departments. As you remove the silos and barriers that traditionally separate these groups, such as those working in content development from the search department, more holistic marketing efforts can be pursued. The more you understand the power of psychology and how that can influence people and relationships, the more you will be able to promote cooperation.

Passion for Your Product, Market, and Industry

It does not matter how experienced and skillful you are at marketing, if you do not have passion about your brand and your product, your efforts will not span as far as they could. The passion also needs to be emotionally intelligent. You need to be able to identify your drive and funnel it towards making your work successful.

Marketing and Business Acumen

Marketing skills are responsible for getting the brand out and in front of potential customers. They encourage consumers to see how your company can help solve their problems. Marketers who can combine this knowledge with business acumen can make very valuable employees. These professionals will be able to see not only how to effectively reach customers, but also how what is going on the marketing department impacts the rest of the company as a whole.

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Updated April 3, 2016

Cross-Channel Knowledge

Marketing professionals who demonstrate cross-channel knowledge have a good understanding and helpful insight about the different digital channels. They will be able to guide their team to develop integrated strategies and campaigns. With their contributions, the brand's presence on the different platforms will be more consistent and more successful.

5 Digital Marketing Skills Your Company Should Develop