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7. Advertise in an Email Newsletter. Some of the best buys are small text ads in email newsletters targeted at audiences likely to be interested in your products or services. Many small publishers aren’t sophisticated about advertising and offer very attractive rates.More effective (and more expensive) is to send out an appropriate solo email to the targeted list’s subscribers. These often get a good response. I would also suggest creating an advertising program where current customers who are looking at gaining exposure can purchase space on your email newsletter.  This is done a lot but usually in the form of affiliate marketing.  An email newsletter is created and then an html banner providing a

link to another product is placed on the email newsletter.  Instead of placing a

banner to an affiliate offer, sell space on your newsletter for your customers’

products or services. If you keep great records you know what types of business

your customers run, the products they sell, offer a spot on your email newsletters

to help endorse their product or service.

6. Exchange Email Mentions with Complementary Businesses. You might consider exchanging email newsletter mentions with complementary businesses to reach new audiences. Just be sure your partners are careful where they get their mailing list so you don’t get in trouble with the anti-spam laws in your country.I’ll mention lead list renting/buying in Part 5 in our additional strategies. With this strategy do a little research on the company you would like to exchange email newsletters with and make sure you are able to offer something of value in your own newsletter about their business.

3. Aggressively Ask for Email Sign-ups.  Now this is

not something we do to the fullest potential but

some companies do in order to capture the all

important email address, however there are people

who use secondary email addresses for signing up for

free products or services, confirm email sign-ups and

then don’t access it again until they sign up for

another free product or service, which means you will

end up getting an email address which is worthless.

So…if you are going to aggressively ask for email

sign-ups and you want to get subscribers to your email

newsletter, you’ll need to work hard at it. Include a

subscription form on every page of your website. Promote sign-ups through free whitepapers, e-books, or other products. If you have a local business, ask customers to sign up for your email list to get “special Internet only offers.” Also ask other business people when they give you a business card if you can send them your email newsletter. While only the email address itself is necessary, I always ask for a first name also, so I can personalize the newsletter and the email subject line with the recipient’s name.  Our email list only contains a few hundred email contacts however because of the manner in which we do business about 75% of those emails are actual customers use our services. Don’t get me wrong, those numbers may not be greatest at the same time if you can get at least 75% of your contact list turned into monthly paying customers then we must be something right.

5. Send Offers to Your Visitors and Customers. Your own list of customers and site visitors who have given you permission to contact them will be your most productive list. Keep track of the products or services they buy and learn to build combination purchases. Send special offers, coupon specials, product updates, etc. They often initiate another visit to your site. If you have a regular newsletter, you can include many of these in your regular emailing. For example, if a customer purchases a domain name but does not purchase additional products, in your newsletters emphasize the importance of the additional products or service, and then provide a discount for a limited time.

Strategic Email Marketing

Well…there you have it; the fourth part of a 5 part series on Mastering Website Advertising.  Thank you for taking the time read this article.  This is probably my favorite in the series because of the level of customer engagement.  Email marketing strategies work.  Figure out which strategy works best for you are combine all of them.  This is your business...we are just working to help and we hope this helps you gain customers.  See you soon with Part 5.  Please share this article.

4. Send Transactional and Reminder Emails. A transactional email is sent to an existing customer to initiate, remind, confirm, or thank the person. This is an opportunity to be different.  Be creative. If you keep careful records, you can send emails to customers on their birthday to remind them to return to your site. Subscription confirmation emails can also mention several popular products. You might remind customers that it has been three months since their last order and ask if it’s time for a repurchase. Thank you for your purchase emails can offer a coupon to bring your customer back for a future sale. Use your imagination, but don’t pester your customers. You’re there to serve them, not the other way around.  Another technique would be beta testing emails. First and foremost, your invitation must highlight your beta test is exclusive. Begin your invite by stating you have limited spots and your test is only available to a select number of people. In all cases, this is true. Even in a public beta test, you have a limit to the number of testers you can handle. This means that some people aren't going to get on your project.  This is an opportunity to provide a product or service you would like feedback on or providing a product or service to which you want to make more sales on.  In any case if your product or service meets a need then your current/potential client will end up paying for the product or service and as an additional bonus you can offer your product or service at an even greater discount to those who have participated.  You then sent out an additional transactional email thanking the beta-testers and asking them to share their experience with other people so they too can sign up for future beta-tests. In addition you provide a special link, similar to an affiliate link, so if a new sign-up and purchase takes place an additional discount can be offered to the referrer.

In our previous article, Mastering Website Advertising (Part 3) we discussed Social Media Management.  In this article we will discuss Mastering Website Advertising with the different methodologies for customer engagement using Strategic Email Marketing. Don’t neglect strategic email marketing; it is an important way to bring people to your website. Just don’t spam, that is, don’t send bulk unsolicited emails without permission to people with whom you have no relationship. Many countries have anti-spam laws. I’ll mention just a few important elements here and the information about Craigslist will be in Part 5.

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2. Publish an Email Newsletter. While it requires a commitment of time, creating a monthly email publication is one of the most important promotion techniques. It could be a newsletter (“ezine”), list of tips, industry updates, or new product information — whatever you believe your customers will appreciate. This is a great way to keep in touch with your prospects, generate trust, develop brand awareness, and build future business. It also helps you collect email addresses from those who visit your site, but aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. You distribute your newsletter inexpensively using email marketing services like our Express Email Marketing, iContact, ConstantContact, and MailChimp. If you have a very small list, some of these services let you use their services free until you grow larger. Before you set up your newsletter and start pummeling your potential clients, make sure your newsletter provides value.  Check out a previous article, Email Newsletters: Gold or Garbage.

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You have to admit receiving an email with the following information is better than receiving and email from someone with a Gmail account address and their signature reads:

Business Manager

1. Professional email vs public email. This is a debatable topic however, as a rule of thumb if I receive an email from someone pitching a service and they say they are from a particular company and they close with an email signature from Gmail or Ymail that doesn’t scream validity to me.  I would highly suggest start with purchasing a domain and get free email account which you can use your domain name as the professional email. Now that doesn’t mean you have to develop the domain at the same time it wouldn’t hurt on getting started with developing your domain since we talking about Master Website Advertising and not just email advertising.  In your email make sure you have your signature including the following information: Your name, your role, Company name, address,  phone number, URL, email address, and a one-phrase description of your unique business offering. Here is an example:

Mastering Website Advertising

(Part 4)